The stark reality facing the union’s inability to address the multiple health challenges and other socio- economic conditions of players , current and ex players due to paucity of fund is very obvious. Its no longer news that we have scores of players, both current and former facing real hardship, unable to meet their basic needs.

A great number of former players have died from one form of sickness to another, and in most cases it is as result of their inability to access medical facility due to lack of fund. Why one may acknowledged the fact that majority of our players have lived recklessly, without bothering and planning for their future, it is also true that those who may wish to plan cannot not also access the requisite fund to do so, as a result of the heavyweight indebtedness of clubs to players and coaches. It is on record that more than half a Billion naira is being owed players and coaches across board for the past eight years on only cases that were officially reported to the arbitration committee of the NFF

The pitfalls facing professional footballers are global in nature. But elsewhere, where the game is thriving, there are in built mechanism of social security like the Professional Footballers Pension Scheme, Health Insurance Scheme, Education and Training Scheme. etc put in place to safeguard the future of players.

1 To advance the education of Players ( current and former)

2 To promote good health of Players ( current and former)

3 To Provide relief for players and their dependants who are in conditions of need, hardship, and distress

4 To support and promote community participation and healthy recreation

5 To help facilitate and contribute to the funding of the Footballers Pension Scheme and others



The Nigeria Players Union of today under the leadership of its President, Tijani Babaginda (Mon) is wearing a new face unlike what we had before now . The National Association of Nigeria Professional Footballers (NANPF) as of toady can boast of a sizeable number of high profile Nigeria footballers both within and outside of Nigeria who are very willing to serve and support the Union

The Union can use the collective images of our branded ex international footballers and current professional footballers in the league to effectively facilitate and drive the process of relaunching the Footballers Welfare Trust Fund building on the solid foundation of a Board of Trustees that will command respect and confidence of the people based on Accountability, Integrity and Transparency.

The Board of trustees will be expected to drive the process of relaunching the Footballer Welfare Trust Fund , by setting other committees, like organising, marketing, publicity etc to achieve a successful launch and have a responsibility to manage and assigned the funds to the players welfare relevant schemes as proposed

Austin Popo
General Secretary


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