Professional footballers should never pay an intermediary (agent) before signing a contract with a club.
“We issue this warning as FIFPro received complaints from players who paid their hard-earned money to criminals pretending to help them,” said FIFPro Secretary General Theo van Seggelen.
FIFPro recently reported about the activities of an individual who called himself a player agent named Steve Mac Hughes . He approached players through social media and promised to arrange a trial or a contract if players would pay him a fee. However, after being paid, he broke all communication with the players.
Various players reacted on FIFPro’s article and sent information about this person and other agents. Some players said that they spent their family’s entire savings account to pay an agent. One player told he docked $4,500 and is now stranded in another African country without money to return home.
Most of the deceived players were so desperate to become professional footballers that they failed to notice a scam.
“We advise our players to be very alert. There are people in football who are chasing your money, so protect yourself and be carfeul who you trust,” Van Seggelen said.
FIFPro advises players to remember the following when dealing with an agent :
Check if the agent is registered with a football association
Only work with an agent you have seen and spoken with
Never pay an agent before signing a contract with a club
Never sign an agreement with an agent without first seeking legal advice
Check if the club knows that you are coming for a trial or to sign a contract, or ask if the club knows the agent.
If you have questions or doubts about a transfer or trial, please contact your local player union NANPF or FIFPro.
FIFPro is working on a database with unreliable agents and is asking players with similar experiences to contact us via .


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