Its Shame and big let down to football and league administrators and the promotion of justice in Nigeria football that FC Taraba still appears in the nnl fixtures as one of the clubs registered to participate in the 2019 NNL games. Inspite of the massive level of her indebtedness to players and officials for several seasons, from 2014 till date, coupled with unfulfilled promises made to the football federation and the league bodies to pay the debts, in midst of several face off between the affected players of both the male and female team, against security operatives during protest march by the players ,resulting in the injury of some of the protesting players. It bleeds one heart trying to comprehend the level insensitivity of our football administrators on the registration of FC Taraba . what can one make from this , is there something behind the registration that is yet to be revealed, the same club who could not meet her financial obligations to the players and officials ,but always have the money to register for the league, in all of these who takes responsibility, the federation or the league, only time Will tell


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